29 novembre 2010

E postal match end date.

Since it is the last e postal match of the season and that some of us might still need to be used to coldness we will extend the november e postal match end date until december sunday 12.
It gives you almost 2 weeks more to shoot it and join the fun.

We are becoming kind of human "pistol rests" from what I see on different blogs and my mails, everyone is trying to see the difference between shooting 2 handed or one handed.

Please send your targets at somua 2003 At yahoo dot fr

23 novembre 2010

Using magnification scopes with handguns.

I had an interesting conversation with merle through e mails we spoke about red dot scopes and magnifications scope, should they be in the same category ?
I decided to put them in the optic category whatever the magnification is, according to my experience some other shooters reports.

Some years ago my view lowered some and it suddenly became difficult for me to obtain a good picture sights if the light is not perfect at the range, especialy with thin iron sights.
I had this problem with Colt 22 target model, the rear sight is very thin and it was uncomfortable for me.
I decided to buy a 2X magnification red dot scope and was expecting to improve much my scores, after all the target would become bigger and I only need to put the red dot at the right place and pull the trigger.

In fact it was not that easy, I dicovered how much I moved while aiming even if I thought my position was very stable. The magnification seems to amplify much the slightest move.
As a result my scores remained the same than with iron sights but with time they tend to increase slowly and the biggest benefit is, it's more comfortable to shoot especialy in low light conditions.

A friend of mine bought a quality long eye relief scope, brand is "leupold" for his ruger red hawk, he had much troubles with his eyes at this time.
He told me at first it's very difficult to shoot because you feel like moving a lot but with some training he had scores he never reached in the past.

So I would say scopes with handguns are good but require some practice before giving very good results.

Do you have other experiences with handgun scopes ?

06 novembre 2010

November e postal match.

Here it is, the november e postal match from France !

This one will be very french indeed, we'll use the official accuracy target one can see in any shooting range here.

Distance will be 25 yards or 25 meters it's up to you, we'll use handguns only.

Print 2 targets per entry:

Shoot 10 times using two handed stance unsupported  then put the second target and shoot 10 other rounds one handed unsupported for a total of 20 shots.
 I am curious to see wich way is the best, it may depend on shooter and weight of the gun I guess.
Scoring will be easy since each part of the target indicates his value, if a bullet hole touches 2 zones count it as the highest it touches.

If you shoot the paper sheet outside of the target its value will be 5 points, maximum score is 200 points, 100 points per target.
In case of tie the bigger caliber will determine the winner or the tightest group of bullets holes if shooters shot the same caliber.

0: Airgun pistol (.177 CO2 or compressed air)
1: Rimfire pistol, iron sights
2: Rimfire pistol, optic sights
3: Centerfire pistol, iron sights
4: Centerfire pistol, optic sights
9: Any other "toy" you like.

Target is here: pdf file: november target.pdf

02 novembre 2010

e postal match is coming soon.

I will host the november e postal match, it should be online already but my graphic card "burnt", I am now using another computer.

Please stay tuned guys, I will post the rules and target very soon.