30 décembre 2010

Un petit rayon de soleil.

En ce moment, il fait froid, on ne peut pas aller facilement au stand, comme me disait un ami on a l'impression d'être en hibernation.

Alors pour se remonter le moral une video venue des Philippines, ou il fait toujours (très) chaud, avec le sourire typique qui illumine vos journées et une future championne super trognon.

25 décembre 2010

E postal match results.

Here they are the november e postal match results:

Class 1: Rimfire guns Iron sights

True Blue Sam Ruger single six 22 rimfire
Two handed = 77 points
One handed = 62 points
Total = 139 points. Winner !

True Blue Sam Ruger Mark III 6"1/8
Two handed = 66 points
One hended = 60 points
Total = 126

Danno From Sand castle croll Ruger 22/45
Two handed = 63 points
One handed = 37 points
Total = 100

Danno From Sand castle croll Ruger Single six 22 rimfire
Two handed = 39 points
One handed = 39 points
Total = 78

Class 2 Rimfire guns with optics.

Mr Completely Browning High Standart with red dot.
Two handed = 94 points
One handed = 72 points
Total = 166 Winner !

Manfred Colt 22 Target with 2x red dot
Two handed = 89 points
One handed = 70 points
Total = 159

Class 3 Centerfire Guns Iron sights.

Dave S. Colt Gold Cup 45 ACP
One handed = 72 points
One handed = 56 points
Total = 128 points Winner !

Manfred Customized CZ shadow 9 mm
Two handed = 74 points
One handed = 41 points
Total = 115

Thank you very much guys for participating, it's a pleasure to compete with other gun lovers from all around the world.

Merry Chrismas to all !

21 décembre 2010

Results are coming soon.

I am working on it, stay tuned !

06 décembre 2010

e postal match first try.

I used my Colt 22 target with a 2 times magnification red dot to shoot the e postal match.
With a 6" heavy barrel and the huge scope it has been way easier to shoot one handed than two handed.

I was able to get 89/100 using both hands:


Using one hand only has been very hard, I felt the stance to be more stable but my weak shoulder (due to a motorbike crash) did not allow me to firmly hold my arm straight, it was like shooting balloons at a carnival I had to pull the trigger when the red dot passed  in front of the ten ring.

70 points only this time.

I will go back to the range on saturday and will try to do better.